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What to expect from this blog/disclaimers:

Two words: radical honesty. I do not beat around the bush, nor am I politically correct. I do curse sometimes, but I don’t mean it to offend people. I believe people can choose not to get offended if they dissect things logically. I am unapologetic about my opinions.

I am anti-fat. That’s right, a fattie that’s anti-fat! Some people in the Fat Acceptance blogosphere would call me Fattist. Perhaps I am, but I feel that having been fat for a third of my life has earned me the right to say whatever the hell I want about it.

I am not anti-fat PERSON, mind you. I may say things that imply that I am, but rest assured I am not. If someone really enjoys being fat and wants to stay fat, that is their right. My only stipulation is that one in that position not ask for special treatment or to be treated as a victim. I hate no one, but I do get irritated and disagree with what people say.

If you get offended by my blog, you can go find something else online to read. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits your worldview and won’t offend you one little iota. I suggest you go there. There is this thing called freedom of speech, and while I still have that right I plan on using it, even if it doesn’t fit with what you believe. I will not censor people on my blog unless they’re doing things that violate the WordPress terms of service. But if you want to flame me and call me superficial for my opinions, then I will not delete those comments. It doesn’t mean I won’t rip you a new one in return (if I even FEEL like dignifying it with a response), so be prepared!

I have been fat, am still fat, and therefore I feel like I have a right to say what I please about it. I also have significantly less sympathy for fat people who choose to live a lifestyle that cultivates fatness, yet still complain about it. It’s not easy to lose weight the correct and moderate way, so I do not feel sorry for a person who says they’ve “tried everything and still can’t lose weight.” Piffle! Usually those people have tried crash diets or they’ve tried healthy living for 3 weeks and then give up once they realize it’ll take awhile.

The Fat Acceptance blogs like to claim that diets don’t work. Diets CAN and DO work, if you stick with them. But there is a HUGE difference between a diet that simply consists of a person making a lifestyle change and eating all whole foods in controlled portions while exercising, and a fad diet. Fad diets usually consist of eliminating one or more food groups and making silly food combinations. Or they are the “replace 2 of your meals with this liquid.” Of COURSE that doesn’t work, because it goes against our basic biology! Also, I do not believe that garbage about “natural set points” or being hugely obese because of “genetics” is true. To me, it’s a bunch of hooey! And that’s that. If you don’t like it, well, re-read the last few paragraphs until you have it through your skull.

And if you DO like it, then I appreciate any input you have as well. I welcome all kinds of people to read and discuss my blog. Health and fitness people, I especially value any input you may give because I’m still learning myself.

I will be posting my favorite recipes from time to time as well, and snippets of articles I find interesting, etc.

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