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My poor roommate – he’s been laid off for a month! The blessing is he’s only laid off til March. He works for a small business and things have been really bad for them, so they can only afford to pay one employee right now. They promised that people could come back in March to work, however. It made him really sad, and worried. The local ads in our paper offer almost no job listings right now. There are a very few openings for people in professional environments which he doesn’t have the college degree to get. Without his income, we can’t afford to make all our bills, rent, and this doesn’t even count food or other expenses. He’s going to try his best to find something though, even if it’s just washing dishes or something at a restaurant, to make some income unless this blows over. What’s crazy is that the local strip joints aren’t even hiring right now. You know times are tough when the tittie bars aren’t even hiring!

We both had our various meltdowns about it yesterday, and today is all about moving forward and trying to be solution-oriented. I have no lease at my apartment and honestly I don’t want to because my landlord is a total slum lord and this place has a lot of problems. I don’t want to be stuck here in case something cheaper, better, or both may come along. You have to have a lease w/ your landlord to qualify for food stamps. Getting food isn’t really the problem, though. I already eat on very little money because I eat a lot of healthful staples and I barely ever go out to eat. I keep a good store of spices so I can always make even really simple food taste good. I’m more worried about the utility bills and making rent. With our landlord being a total slum lord, he doesn’t often hassle us if we pay our rent late. It’s just that it’s winter time and the utilities run higher this time of year. Bleh.

I’m trying to be optimistic. I think it’s a major blow to his self-esteem though. Most people don’t like being unemployed. And he can’t collect unemployment because his boss can’t afford it, so he’d rather forego it for now and allow the business to recover so he can eventually get back to working there. So he has to find a temporary job and those aren’t plentiful. This guy is like a brother to me, I respect and love him dearly. He is my best friend, too. I feel awful for him because he’s put a lot of love and energy into this job. 😦

I can at least pick up a few hours at work. Right now I only work about 32 hours a week or so, so I can fit in an extra 8 hours a week if I can get coworkers to leave early on some days and let me come in a couple hours early. They don’t let us do overtime, but adding an extra 8 hours will make it all possible. My boss is really cool and said he’ll try to work on something for me. I like my job enough that taking on extra hours doesn’t make me stressed. I will sign up for sub shifts on the weekends as they come up as well. This may cut down time I can spend at the gym, which bums me out, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Sorry to post about my poorness on my weight loss blog. I have never used lack of money as an excuse to eat junk food, and I never will. 🙂 I know that we’ll get through this tough spot. It’s also semi-comforting to know we’re not the only ones right now. 11 million people are unemployed. I’m sticking to my job like glue…

I do have something fun to look forward to this weekend. A dear friend of mine is having a small wedding ceremony on Saturday with dinner to follow after. My roomie and I are 2 of 5 people who will be attending, so I feel very special to have been invited. Also, she said to wear pajamas, which will be really fun. Having something fun and positive to look forward to will boost me and my housemate’s morales tenfold. Also he has a date on Sunday with this girl he’s seeming to really hit it off with, so hopefully that will cheer him up. I’m not a fan of making people who are unemployed through no fault of their own feel bad or guilty about it, and I’m also not a fan of said people going through such things feel like they aren’t allowed to have fun.

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Hey everyone…I’m thinking now that I’ve gotten back into music, I’m not going to have a lot of spare time to post to this blog. Between making myself practice for an hour a day and making time to hit the gym, along with work and a social life that seems to be developing more for me recently, I’m not going to be focusing as much of my thought on weight loss. Also, I have to admit that weight loss had become somewhat of an obsession to me as of late, and while it’s always good to be focused on your goals, there is a line you can cross where it becomes unhealthy. While I still want to lose those last 30-odd pounds and become very physically fit and stick to a healthy diet, I feel like I’ve said all I need to say for now. Weekends will be easier for me to post, so from time to time I will still probably have something I want to say. I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or anything, just busy with life is all.

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Another day, another workout. I went with the elliptical again today instead of swimming to avoid the swimmer’s ear. I had time to relax in the sauna today, which was great. Went and got lunch and saw a friend after, home now relaxing. Mind trying to convince the body not to get the sick that everyone around me seems to have. I feel a little congestion coming on, but I feel like I won’t get as bad as my roomie or my friend I saw today (the latter is already feeling better than he did before). I feel my workouts and healthy diet and vitamin-regimen will help stave it off. I just have to keep getting lots of sleep. That’ll be no problem tonight. My muscles are sore and it feels good because I know they’re getting used to the new routine (hence not wanting to get sick, not wanting to slow down the process of getting in shape). I think I can use the power of mind over matter to keep myself from succumbing fully to the bug going around. That combined with common sense (getting sleep, good diet, taking vitamins), I shall overcome. Sorry if I’m boring people. I actually do have a point to posting.

People always freak out when they found out that you’re pushing your body physically. Not seasoned fitness folks, mind you, but just everyday people. They’re the people who tell you that you shouldn’t push yourself, and you shouldn’t feel any pain whatsoever from exercise, and that building muscle will make you “bulky,” do pilates instead because it’ll give you a “long, lean” look…the people who say that taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking far away from the building you’re entering, and playing with your cats is enough exercise for anyone. The body is made to do a lot more than that, and with the insane portion sizes people eat these days, they should be doing more. Furthermore, I want to be super fit. I want to be able to lift heavy things without asking a man to help me. I want to be able to clamber around mountains and climb up rocks with grace and ease. To me, having a very strong body is my ticket to seeing the world in a very unique way. Why shouldn’t I push myself? If I just go for a nice, little walk every day, I can keep from gaining more weight maybe, but I won’t maintain actual fitness. Fitness requires cardiovascular and muscular exercise. Fact.

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Well, I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! I sure did! I enjoyed some really fun times with my family and my housemate who came along for some of the celebration since his family lives pretty far away. Christmas eve I spent at an uncle’s house doing the family reunion bit, and Christmas day me and the housemate spent over at my folks’ with them and my sister, and one of her friends who came by for awhile. They got my sister a Wii, and those things are fun as hell! I thought it was funny that the person who played with it the most was my stepdad, who got really into the Wii sports, and was kicking butt at the boxing game! I’m thinking he’s going to be addicted to it enough to buy one for him and my mom to use, since my sister will be taking hers to school with her. He was actually joking, saying, “well, we’d better keep it here and not send it to school with her, she’ll never study if she takes it with her!” haha. The boxing game is actually a pretty good workout if you play it long enough – my stepdad was sweating after an hour or so of the boxing game. I liked the tennis and golf ones, too. I used to pretty much be annoyed with video games since I’m such a dirty hippie and like to run around outside all the time and I view video games as a lazy person’s recreation, but Wii is respectable because it gets you up off your butt out of your chair and actually physically engaged in the games. I could see how a person could have a lot of fun with a Wii.

I got some lovely gifts. My mom and sister gave me cute clothes and some much needed socks, underwear, and long underwear (I am outside a lot and need it to keep me warm in the winter, and my long underwear from last year was falling off me). My sister gave me this gorgeous, purple hippie skirt with a drawstring so I can keep wearing it as I shrink. The underwear my mom got me is the girly version of kids’ underoos but in women’s sizes. They’re very comfy but adorable at the same time. I work on my feet and walk everywhere so I wear through socks quickly, so the crew socks I got were much appreciated. I use a pre-paid cell phone and the folks got me the ultimate minutes card, which gives you 800 minutes, a year of airtime, plus double minutes for the life of your phone. I refuse to get a cell phone contract, so this is the best deal. I was grateful for that. Also, my mom and stepdad got me something really awesome: a gift certificate for a year long membership to the gym I like to go to! It’s close to work and it’s a really nice facility. I’d been going sporadically and buying day-passes, but this way I can get more bang for my buck and go more often. They have a really nice natatorium, and I LOVE to swim for cardio, so I win! In addition to that they have a running track, a lot of other really nice equipment, and a SAUNA! So I’ll be going in to redeem that ASAP. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun 🙂

All that being said, it’s about the love, not the stuff. I feel truly blessed that I have an awesome family and set of friends who love me. While I love the gifts I got and appreciate it all, what I appreciate most is the people in my life, they are the real gifts 🙂

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