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Long title! Anyway, I am sick of this common misconception/double standard. I’ve known plenty of fat, schlubby guys who just expected women to fall at their feet, and not just any women, mind you…they wanted women that fit most mainstream “beauty standards” in some way. What the hell?

Look, women are just as visually-oriented as men when it comes to physical attraction and arousal. Women want to get off just as much as any man, and that usually requires us not being completely repulsed by our partner. Now I’m not talking about falling in love, I’m talking about pure, physical, sexual attraction here.

I think most of us tend to gravitate towards others who are kind of our equal as far as attractiveness goes. Usually when attracted to a partner where things go beyond the physical, there are a combination of traits that bring the two people together on an even keel. But I’ve known guys that have the dumb mentality of “nice guys finish last,” and claim to be such “nice guys,” but get angry at women who turn them down. Then instead of acknowledging that there are things they could work on to attract women, they instead blame women, saying that “women are only attracted to guys who are jerks.” Funny enough to me that they automatically assume that attractive guys are “jerks” just because they’re visually appealing…hmmmm. Who to date, even just on a casual basis, is a very personal decision. I’ve seen certain guys demand, after the rejection, to know why. You know what? Sometimes the “why” is that you smell, or that you’re ugly to the woman, or that not only are you ugly and smelly, you can also be a misogynistic jerk!

Guys like Kevin Smith and Jack Black are chunky, and they ended up with pretty good looking women. However, both of them seem to actually have very creative, interesting personalities, and they both make pretty hilarious movies and have good senses of humor obviously. I can’t really speak for Smith’s wife Jen (who is devastatingly gorgeous in my opinion), and I don’t know about Black’s love life at present but I do know at one point he was dating Sarah Silverman, also totally cute. But I will attest to the fact that they’re both famous and creative types. Their mates have been attracted to them for other reasons than how they look, obviously. But when I see these average joe guys who can’t even be bothered to do anything more than shower and put on a shirt their mom gave them, are considerably overweight and also probably not that attractive otherwise, AND expect the women they go after to be drop-dead gorgeous, act like clueless and sexist pigs, and THEN wonder why they’ve made it into their 30’s and haven’t gotten laid, I just want to slap these individuals across their smug faces when they start to blame WOMEN for the reason they’re still virgins. Then they try to augment themselves with things that are advertised to be “chick magnets” like motorcycles, nice cars, etc. What they don’t really get is that most of the time women like the guys on motorcycles because they’re already hot, and the motorcycle is just kind of the icing on the cake. A fatty guy with his dick hidden under layers of fat on a bike does not say “sexy” to me, anyway. The thing is, a lot of these men could find someone in their current state if they were to lower their own standards. But the problem with this (and this is one thing about fat acceptance I can’t reconcile) is that they expect the most gorgeous woman ever, with an in-shape body, who goes to the salon regularly, to like them on the sole basis that they’re “nice.” Really? A lot of people are VERY nice, but I’d never sleep with any of them.

Women are just as visually-oriented as men. Some macho assholes (some of whom happen to be big fatties) like to make fun of guys who groom themselves or dress well, using off-color, bigoted terms for homosexuality to make fun of them…but those are usually the guys who are getting laid. By women. Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?

I think fat men can often feel just as insecure as fat women. But I think there’s something in our current pop culture that says, “It’s okay if you’re fat, because some really hot chick who doesn’t care what you look like will come along and love you for who you are!” But for me the kicker is that to most of us, too much extra fat (and I’m not talking 15 or 20 lbs. here) usually indicates a tendency towards either apathy or impulsive behavior. I’ve BEEN a fat person, and I have every right to say that. It might sound mean, but to me it’s the truth. I’ve decidedly less attracted towards fat men because from what I observe of their behavior, they don’t often care for themselves well at all. I am way more attracted to the aesthetic of someone who is healthy and active. That usually shows on a person’s body. I don’t expect a guy to be uber-muscley, but you can usually tell the difference between a guy who’s just naturally skinny but isn’t healthy, and someone who is really treating their body right. Combine that with a killer personality (which to me is a good sense of humor, intelligence, kindness/respect for others/positive-yet-realistic outlook on life) and I’ve usually got a crush.

I’ll elaborate on fat acceptance’s seeming double standards. There doesn’t seem to be anything about fat men being accepted out there in the blogosphere. There is a little bit, but not much. Fat women are called “real women” whereas slim women are called “twigs, sticks, anorexic, self-hating, bitches, etc.” but thin, attractive men are not picked on. To me it seems like some of the women of FA want to remain fat but still feel like they should be able to get with an in-shape man. To me that’s just as bad as fat, slovenly men who haven’t seen Mr. Happy in 5 years expecting gorgeously hot women to just fall at their feet because they’re nice “on the inside.”

Inner beauty is valuable, OK? I get that. But for ME, both have to be there. Physical attraction is also arguably subjective enough that someone I find gorgeous might not be as appealing to the gal next to me – it’s always a combination of personality compatability, looks, pheromones/chemistry, etc. So just being a nice guy doesn’t entitle any man to have any woman he wants. Ever.

What I also get annoyed by is that women, when without a sex partner but horny, are usually left to our own devices and seek the aid of a sex toy of some sort. But SOME guys I’ve known (particularly the significantly overweight ones who are still virgins into their late 20’s) start feeling ENTITLED to a WOMAN if they want to get off. Sorry bout ya, but no one is owed a romantic partner. Ever. Usually you have to work on yourself at LEAST a little bit to attract someone. Sorry. If you’re so desperate to get off and can’t find someone willing, seek out the aid of a fleshlight, your hand, some porn, or a combination of the three for all I care. No one is required to say yes to you just because you might be nice. And you most certainly prove you really aren’t nice when you get angry and stomp your feet for getting rejected by someone. Ass.

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OK, I just had to comment on this because it made me laugh. It’s been awhile since I thought about it because I tend to ignore the stupid, but a somewhat dim sorority girl wrote a very long-winded editorial on why it’s so wrong when women don’t shave their pits, and this was all brought to her mind because she was riding the bus and saw a girl with hairy pits! ZOMG! Stop the world, we’ve GOT to focus on this one!

Confession time: I don’t shave my armpits. Why? Because I have insanely sensitive skin and always, ALWAYS break out in a horrible rash when I shave them. Believe me, I’ve tried everything over the years to alleviate that condition and still get away with shaving. Tried Nair and a whole host of other products, when I was younger and more insecure about such things. These days I forego all things that which do not work, and stick to the one thing that does, which is NOT shaving them. Big deal, right? I guess it really is a big deal to some people. But why? It’s a pretty personal choice. But for some reason, human beings (particularly other females, and rarely males from what I’ve found) take it very personally when other people don’t shave their pits. Sorry, other women. It’s because it’s what we’re “supposed” to do in our culture. But in other cultures, no one shaves anything. In some, both men and women remove all their hair! It’s funny how that works.

I did have one ignorant male, one time, say that he thought it was a hygiene thing. It’s not, though. It’s an aesthetics thing. He considered a woman who doesn’t shave to be slovenly and have poor hygiene. But really, you only have poor hygiene if you neglect to bathe, brush your teeth, etc. I bathe every day, sometimes twice a day depending on how work went. I also use a clear deodorant on my hairy pits, and I’ve never had a problem smelling like B.O.

So I ask the people, SO FUCKING WHAT? I personally don’t care. I don’t avoid shaving to make some feminist statement, either, and I do consider myself something of a feminist. I just find body hair removal to be both a waste of time and a detriment to my skin’s health. I’m clean and well-kept otherwise, so what is the big deal? I think it comes down to a culture where women in particular feel a need to cut each other down for some crazy reason. A woman like the one who spent a good deal of time writing the editorial piece against hairy pits felt the need to cut down other women based on a personal choice regarding the removal of something as stupid as body hair. I’m serious, I’ve never had any males come up to me and comment on my pits, aside from the one guy. I’ve had numerous females make some rather snarky comments about it, as if it had anything to do with them or they had any reason to be concerned.

End point: mind your own business, take care of yourself, and don’t try to be the body hair police. Be a real woman and grow the fuck up! If you like to shave, great! More power to you! But if you see another woman who chooses to be hairy, don’t make assumptions about her personality. And if it absolutely repulses you to see a woman with hair on her body, just don’t fucking look.

I will actually say this…I think if all women everywhere are expected to remove their body hair, I think it’s only fair that men be expected to do the same. Guys can get away with being uber-hairy and doing nothing about it. I would hopefully never attract the kind of male who would demand this, but if some guy I liked demanded that I be absolutely hairless, I’d say, “OK, but you must do the same.” Seriously.

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I’ve touched on this topic as it pertains to my weight loss before, but people have known me as a fat girl since probably 1996. I’m 26 now and that was 13 years ago, so I’ve been fat roughly half my life. I am completely qualified to talk about all things related to fat people, as I’m a highly credible source of fat facts of life. Yet some of my (always the thin who are thin without *trying* mind-you) friends feel the need to tell me that I shouldn’t worry about my weight *at all.* Sure, they’re willing to tell me how good I look by comparison to my biggest size, because I’m actually at the weight I was in my freshman year of high school. I’ve been much fatter, and so by comparison I look “thin” in their eyes. BUT, I’m still fat. And the fat I have, by the very nature of how it’s distributed on my body, is very annoying for me to deal with.

By “deal with” I’m talking about the unpleasantness associated with having fat in certain areas of your body, and how it effects your ability to live a normal life. I only have some 30-ish pounds of fat left to lose before I’m comfortable with the amount of space my posterior takes up in relation to other objects. Believe me, it’s a huge relief to have 50 lbs. of that excess gone. But 30 lbs. excess is still physically uncomfortable to lug around, especially on someone as short as I am. I’m only 5 feet tall, so I’m still rather round, especially since almost all my extra fat is on my abdomen, back, and arms now. Top-heavy hurts, especially if you have scoliosis as I do. It’s very slight scoliosis, I don’t have to wear any crazy back braces at all times (although I do use a lumbar support band when I need to lift heavy things and I have inserts for my shoes to keep me in alignment), but even 10 lbs. too much fat in the wrong place on your body, pulling down at your back, really HURTS.

I think people assume I want to lose those last 30 lbs. for vanity alone. But this is not the case. There are some grosser reasons I want the fat gone. People who’ve never had a weight problem don’t really understand how difficult it can be to live a normal, low-maintainence life as a fat person. I usually wear clothes that are flattering enough to hide the fat rolls and just kind of flow over them. I will wear a waist sincher or bodysuit if I’m really dressed up so my clothes look as good as possible, so people don’t always see the fat ROLLS and creases. They are much smaller now, some of them have dissapeared, but at 30 lbs. overweight I still have enough of them to cause me discomfort. The sweat in the summertime is gross. I feel like I have to bathe more frequently and I use baby powder to ease the discomfort of the sweating. The area between the thighs is another bone of contention for fat people. The way my fat distributes it causes a pouch of belly fat right over my “area,” which can cause uncomfortable chafing. I use baby powder to ease this, but really that’s pretty inconvenient, and I’d rather just skip that. That’s why being a normal size for my height would be such a huge relief in the way I live my life. It’s NOT just about VANITY.

But so what if some of it IS about vanity? The aesthetic I prefer is that of a lean physique when I’m talking pure, physical attraction. I am put off a little physically by overweight and obese men – and as a fat girl I would be almost expected to date a fat man. Therefore I feel I’d be a total hypocrite if I expected to have a man match that physique if I couldn’t also maintain such a physique. But the looks aspect isn’t all it is to me and my primary motivation is my health. Looking better is a part of it, but it’s not the whole thing. But dammit, if I feel good about looking better, I feel like I’ve earned that right. I feel like celebrating with a new, sexy or flirty outfit that fits my smaller body and being proud is not something I should feel shallow about doing.

But I digress…my entire point I think is that I have a few friends who have always been thin without actually working out or eating right/watching portions. Some of them eat like shit, actually, but they have that freakish metabolism that I’ve never had. Sometimes I think those friends of mine take their uber-metabolisms for granted, not really realizing that a person in my position really *is not* able to eat like that and have the physique I want (lean and muscular). I had to choose being healthy, happy, and leaner over the decadent foods in big portions. Also I don’t think those people really get how pathological and disordered my overeating was. I was good at projecting the “funny fat girl” image when really I was very depressed and fucked up inside. Essentially I was sick. But I guess some people did see me as “fat and happy.” Maybe that’s why it’s weird to them when I turn down certain foods offered to me these days, or just take a tiny bite of something decadent instead of eating the whole thing, or turn down going out drinking because I want to get up early and work out the next day. The only reason I get kind of miffled is that I get comments like, “you look fine NOW, don’t lose any more weight!” or “what you look like shouldn’t matter,” when it’s NOT ALL ABOUT MY LOOKS. IT’S ALSO ABOUT HOW I FEEL. I also have people tell me I’m not fat. I wonder if these people must think I’m stupid or blind. I’m not AS fat, but I’m still FAT. And I hate being fat. Why wouldn’t people be more happy for me? Ugh. I’ve also had a couple of people tell me that I was “being too hard on myself” for wanting to lose more weight than I already have. WTF? So does that mean I should never try too hard for anything and live an existence I feel is mediocre, just because a goal isn’t easy to obtain? Those same people would never say, “you shouldn’t try to get the best grades you can in school,” or “you shouldn’t try to get that promotion at work,” but they will say, “you shouldn’t get all the way down to a healthy weight that you’d feel really comfortable at – the bare minimum is fine!” BLAH. OK, rant over.

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So I thought about this. Once I reach my goal weight (31 more pounds to go!), I’ll have to change the name of this blog to, “Amy Lost and Won,” or something like that. Or I could just change it to a name that reflects the topics I like to focus on, which are not limited to simply weight loss or the fatness of our society. I’m not sure. I suppose I have 31 more pounds of time to think about it, though. 🙂

More people keep noticing how small I’m getting. I’m still asked the dreaded, “what have you been doing?” question, as if my answer is going to be a magic, easy solution. I’m tempted to start saying, “I’ve been doing the ‘Don’t Be A Dumbass’ diet,” just to see how people would react. I’ll have to replace the word “dumbass” with something more PC if I’m to use this response while I’m at work. It’s really liberating, though, to admit that I ate too much. People always want to tiptoe around that fact with fat people, the fact that they eat too much and usually the wrong things for a human body to be able to process.

So the economy is shit-tastic, and people are getting angrier and angrier that the things that happened to create this crisis (like huge bonuses to executives who are already sickeningly rich) are still happening. People are also going to start cutting back and being more frugal. Some people may even be eating healthier by default, and having less purchasing power they’ll be eating less. Will the one positive side effect of this horrible financial crisis be less obesity? It sucks that it has to come to this for people to stop being so fat. Actually, no, the other positive effects I hope will happen is that people will start to re-evaluate their personal ethics and values, and maybe become less greedy. The fat-cats on Wall Street will most likely remain greedy scumfucks, but the rest of us I think will hopefully learn that values like love and respect for other people trumps the desire for the newest car or the biggest house. Hopefully people will slow down and relax more with their families and have more quality time with people they love, and learn to be rich in other ways besides financially.

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“I’ll eat this meat, until my innie turns into an outie.”

I tell you if a woman made that same declaration on a commercial for a fast food place, it would not go over nearly as well. The sentiment that exercise, or watching what you eat, is somehow for women only is very annoying. And some guys are just dumb enough to buy into it.

This commercial is 2 years old, yes, but its message is still kind of being said to guys. “If you want to be manly, you should get yourself one of them triple bypasses!” And it implies that if a guy actually enjoys things like salad, quiche, or tofu, that he’s a little girly man.

Men who subsist on fast food have an odor to them. Like a rank, spoiled milk kind of odor. Combined with that sweaty ball smell that they tend to get (sorry boys, you do, this is why you should always wash before any intimate encounters), it’s really not very appealing. A guy who eats right has a way better smell than a guy who eats like “a man.” Also, not to get nasty, but I would really rather not taste the spunk of some guy who eats a bunch of fast food. Diet does have a lot to do with semen taste and the pleasantness thereof. If you like to eat like this, just please be aware that most ladies will not want to go South knowing what your diet is like…

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Oh my freaking gord, I hate it when people notice how much weight I’ve lost and then decide that they should warn me against becoming an anorexic! This pisses me off because to me I take it as people assuming that I’m losing weight for vanity alone, and that I must be a candidate for a mental disorder and that I must have such low self esteem that I could become anorexic from embracing a healthier lifestyle. It also proves that the Fat Acceptance rhetoric has somewhat permeated our culture and that people now view losing excess weight to get healthy as a gateway to anorexia. I usually kind of let this stuff roll off my back when I hear it, but it still pisses me off. It assumes that there are only two extremes and that no one is able to find a middle ground. When I think critically about this, I realize that it’s not the person assuming that I’m so weak that I’d default to anorexia as a result of losing excess fat. What it really is to me is a societal brainwashing. The fact that people are so blindly ignorant of what signifies health and a good body image is proof that Fat Acceptance may be a small movement, but that Americans have adopted much of the misconceptions that the FA movement tries to convince us is true. All that being said, I don’t see myself ever being anorexic. I’m the kind of person who almost always has a healthy appetite, even when I’m sick. The only exceptions to this are when I’m really worried about something or anxious, or if I’m experiencing a stomach-related illness in which vomiting is involved. Otherwise, I’m usually all for eating. I also consider the eating habits that I had before I began this journey to be way more disordered than they are now. That being said, I still have to really watch myself and stay on top of my habits to prevent binges, and I’ll probably be this way for the rest of my life. I’d rather have a handle on it and be healthy than “accept” it as “part of who I am” and be so fat that I have joint and muscle problems and become a candidate for other illnesses down the road. I also feel like being really big messed with my hormones. As a thinner person than I was, my emotions are more stable, I’m able to control my moods better, and I feel more at peace with myself. I’m still a stress-ball and still struggle with panic from time to time. High blood pressure and other heart-related ailments run in my family so I have to work on that mental aspect of myself to stay healthy. But hey, I’m way better than I was 2 years ago.

Also, I hate how someone who is thin but healthy (a good muscle-to-fat ratio, proportionate body size, not starving, just lean) is now considered “too skinny.” Bleh.

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Last night I was watchin’ a little bit o idiot box before I decided to turn in for the night, and I saw this gem of an exercise product.

If you’re gullible enough to buy this, go ahead!

The commercial was absolutely hilarious, because they kept showing women using it, their boobs bouncing up and down. My first thought was, “Who is this commercial actually for? The women who want bigger boobs and think this is the answer, or the men in the room with said women?” My second thought was, “The women in this commercial did not get the bodies they have by using this.” My third thought was that the terminology they used was stupid. They kept saying how it works the “bust muscles” and the “breast muscles.” Your boobs don’t have muscles in them. Your pectorals are below your breasts. Were they afraid to use the real muscle terminology for fear that us little womenfolk just wouldn’t understand? It also promises that you’ll have a beautiful bustline in just 5 minutes a day! Anything that claims you can look like the built people in their commercial in “minutes” per day is guaranteed to be bogus.

I bet if I picked up one of these things and tried to use it, it would break after a few tries. I’m sure if it actually works, you can work the pectorals a little bit, but for most people who are serious about strength training, women included, it’s a laughable device. It’s also got PINK grips on it for GIRLS. Cause we all know how much little girls love the color PINK. *facepalm*

I’m waiting for the day that all TV commercials for these dumb devices start with the tag-line, “Hey, STUPID, buy THIS!” and people will go, “Yes, master…”

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So I’ve been thinking about something. Over the holidays, I went to a bar-crawl that was organized by an old high-school friend, a mini high-school reunion of sorts, a consortium of townies. Everyone noticed how much weight I’ve dropped which was amazing. I got asked an interesting question at one point.

“So, do you allow for treats, or do you deprive yourself of those?” I answered back with, “I try to exercise self-control at all times.” Bearing in mind that when I choose to be bad, I know I’m being bad and adjust for the consequences later on. Sometimes it’s not so healthy. I ate way too much over the holidays, a.k.a. Feastmas as a fellow blogger affectionately called it. But I practiced damage limitation (another phrase coined by Losing Ahundredweight) and escaped the Feastmas by not gaining any more weight (although I didn’t lose, either – that is my cross to bear and good thing my gym opens soon).

This made me think about the concept of deprivation. To me, deprivation means that you’re going without something you need. Foregoing something you want because you know it’s bad for you or you don’t need it and could go without is not deprivation, it’s self-control. I like treats as much as the next guy, and sometimes I want them. But any time I want a treat, I have to think about whether or not I can deal with the consequences. If I can, I go ahead and have the treat. I also like my treats to be planned so I can have exactly what I want and what I deem is good, not some crappy crap. Also, when I cheat I like it to be a high-quality cheat (instead of a Snickers bar, having a small square of gourmet, dark chocolate for instance). I also like my cheats to come in a single-serving size and I do not keep the stuff in my house. If it’s here, I’ll eat it. I know myself better than anyone, so knowing how I will react to certain stimuli helps me create an ideal situation for myself. Thus, practicing self-control is good for me.

If I were truly depriving myself of anything, I would be intentionally going without food when I need it. That’s not what I do. I just choose not to partake of every piece of junkfood in the known universe because I like to control when I have it, how much of it I have, and what it is. I’m not depriving myself, I’m practicing self-control (most of the time, anyway – Thank Gods the Feastmas is over!).

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OK, I stumbled upon this article from June of ’08 on the UK’s Daily Mail site when I was searching for some inspirational stories. Basically, this is of teh $t00pid! It made me want to bang my head against my desk.

Basically, this is a story of a woman who entered a weight loss contest in the UK, and won. She let all her success go to her head and became selfish, vain, and greedy. As a result, her marriage fell apart and she lost access to her kids. Within this article, she blames the fact that she lost weight on her poor choices, instead of herself. Seriously, you have to read this for yourself!

Oh, how the stupid hurts my brain!

Thrilled by the chance to dress in fashionable clothes at last, she embarked on an extravagant spending spree – landing the family £10,000 in debt.

Dazzled by the compliments and new-found attention, she was drawn to the world of parties and clubs, while her husband wanted to stay at home.

Her euphoria turned to despair and depression as she lost her job, her marriage collapsed and finally she lost access to the children she adored.

‘I had never had any sort of attention before and I revelled in it,’ says 42-year-old Melanie. ‘I turned heads for the first time in my life.

‘The compliments went straight to my head, and as it changed me, everything that I held dear started to crumble.

‘Now, when I see slimmers beaming on the front of glossy magazines, my heart sinks. Having a new, slender body does change your life totally – but it nearly destroyed me in the process.’

There were only two comments in the article. One was giving accolades to Melanie for being a strong woman and getting what she wanted out of life, and the other one wasn’t so kind (which is good cause quite frankly he’s right).

This woman somehow blames losing weight for all her problems. Her problems however came about by how selfish she became, not due to her weight loss. Ignoring her family and kids, blowing all that money. The sad thing is she seems to still blame her weight loss and her newfound “fun and freedom” – rubbish! She said before she lost the weight her kids came first. Well Yes she is a parent, when you are a parent your kids come first, not going bar hopping with your co-workers.

I only hope he kids can come to terms with their selfish mother, and not blame themselves for what she did. I hope the father was able to be there for them and was able to fill in the lost hole.

It does mention that her husband was the sedentary type and enjoyed watching TV more than being active, and she found that she actually enjoyed her new, healthier lifestyle. That I can see being an issue in a relationship like that. But instead of trying to work through it, or maybe focusing her newfound energy and fitness on enjoying time with her kids, she became a vapid, selfish twat and partied and drove her family into debt for new clothes. I can see how her hubby might have had a problem with that, and why her kids might have had less respect for her.

‘If I see slimmers smiling from the covers of glossy magazines, my stomach churns, because they don’t realise that their entire life is about to change beyond recognition.

Melanie adds: ‘I’ve found happiness again, but I’ve learned a hard lesson. Would I have lost all that weight if I had known what was going to happen? No – it turned out to be the most costly diet in the world.’

Melanie has a new partner who is more compatible with her, and she’s repaired her relationship with her children (who are all either older teens or living on their own). That’s nice and all, but this pisses me off because it plays into Fat Acceptance’s ideals that losing weight turns you into a selfish and vain person. I’m going to set the record straight that while losing weight really can change a person’s life, it’s usually for the positive, and it is this woman’s already weaker character that caused her to let it go to her head, not the fact that she lost weight!

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Some people have a really hard time taking criticism. Some people get depressive and down on themselves if they receive even constructive and helpful criticism, and some people turn into a powderkeg and explode with defensive anger at those who criticize them. I used to be the former, I would never get mad and often would realize that the criticism had a place, but would get very sad and feel low about myself as a result, even if the criticism was meant to be a helpful thing. As I go further in my personal self-improvement goals (weight loss and fitness being just a part of the whole equation) I feel a little more confident and at peace with myself each day, and thus much more able to handle constructive criticism. I feel more secure than I generally used to. In fact, recently I’ve taken to actually heeding the advice of those who critique my performance in various areas of life and have found their advice to actually be helpful…go figure! It’s not always fun to hear, “you talk too much,” or, “I wish you wouldn’t do [insert undesirable/negative behavior here].” But sometimes you need to hear it because it’s the truth. Tough love is still LOVE. Criticism can be taken as a threat and an attack, or it can be taken as complimentary. Complimentary because the person who gave it to you obviously cares enough about you to try and help you out by pointing out the truth.

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