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OK, I stumbled upon this article from June of ’08 on the UK’s Daily Mail site when I was searching for some inspirational stories. Basically, this is of teh $t00pid! It made me want to bang my head against my desk.

Basically, this is a story of a woman who entered a weight loss contest in the UK, and won. She let all her success go to her head and became selfish, vain, and greedy. As a result, her marriage fell apart and she lost access to her kids. Within this article, she blames the fact that she lost weight on her poor choices, instead of herself. Seriously, you have to read this for yourself!

Oh, how the stupid hurts my brain!

Thrilled by the chance to dress in fashionable clothes at last, she embarked on an extravagant spending spree – landing the family £10,000 in debt.

Dazzled by the compliments and new-found attention, she was drawn to the world of parties and clubs, while her husband wanted to stay at home.

Her euphoria turned to despair and depression as she lost her job, her marriage collapsed and finally she lost access to the children she adored.

‘I had never had any sort of attention before and I revelled in it,’ says 42-year-old Melanie. ‘I turned heads for the first time in my life.

‘The compliments went straight to my head, and as it changed me, everything that I held dear started to crumble.

‘Now, when I see slimmers beaming on the front of glossy magazines, my heart sinks. Having a new, slender body does change your life totally – but it nearly destroyed me in the process.’

There were only two comments in the article. One was giving accolades to Melanie for being a strong woman and getting what she wanted out of life, and the other one wasn’t so kind (which is good cause quite frankly he’s right).

This woman somehow blames losing weight for all her problems. Her problems however came about by how selfish she became, not due to her weight loss. Ignoring her family and kids, blowing all that money. The sad thing is she seems to still blame her weight loss and her newfound “fun and freedom” – rubbish! She said before she lost the weight her kids came first. Well Yes she is a parent, when you are a parent your kids come first, not going bar hopping with your co-workers.

I only hope he kids can come to terms with their selfish mother, and not blame themselves for what she did. I hope the father was able to be there for them and was able to fill in the lost hole.

It does mention that her husband was the sedentary type and enjoyed watching TV more than being active, and she found that she actually enjoyed her new, healthier lifestyle. That I can see being an issue in a relationship like that. But instead of trying to work through it, or maybe focusing her newfound energy and fitness on enjoying time with her kids, she became a vapid, selfish twat and partied and drove her family into debt for new clothes. I can see how her hubby might have had a problem with that, and why her kids might have had less respect for her.

‘If I see slimmers smiling from the covers of glossy magazines, my stomach churns, because they don’t realise that their entire life is about to change beyond recognition.

Melanie adds: ‘I’ve found happiness again, but I’ve learned a hard lesson. Would I have lost all that weight if I had known what was going to happen? No – it turned out to be the most costly diet in the world.’

Melanie has a new partner who is more compatible with her, and she’s repaired her relationship with her children (who are all either older teens or living on their own). That’s nice and all, but this pisses me off because it plays into Fat Acceptance’s ideals that losing weight turns you into a selfish and vain person. I’m going to set the record straight that while losing weight really can change a person’s life, it’s usually for the positive, and it is this woman’s already weaker character that caused her to let it go to her head, not the fact that she lost weight!

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